The Hallstar Company has a long, proud history of providing leading-edge chemical solutions. Hallstar’s unique chemical modifiers enable our customers to develop their next-generation of high-performance products, both in traditional polymers as well as bio-polymers.

One of our newest product lines is the HallGreen® collection of environmentally responsible renewable esters for use in PLA, PHA, PSM and other bio-polymers. These esters are biobased and derived from renewable raw material streams.

HallGreen® products function as process aids, polymer and impact modifiers. They improve processing by reducing melt viscosity and temperature as well as energy consumption. As a polymer/impact modifier, they reduce brittleness, enhance impact resistance, and improve extruder flow rates and throughputs. HallGreen® products have FDA and/or EINICS acceptances. These renewable esters can help bio-polymer producers/compounders broaden the applications for their products, and can also be used in traditional synthetic elastomers and PVC.

Specific products include:

  • HallGreen® R-8010, a USDA certified 100% bio-sourced polymeric ester that is non-migrating and imparts excellent flexibility to PLA compounds.
  • HallGreen® R-9010, also USDA certified 100% bio-sourced, provides increased flexibility, high plasticizing efficiency, improved low temperature performance and impact resistance.

HallGreen® R-8010 and R-9010 are completely biodegradable under ASTM D6400 Standard Specification for Compostable Plastics, EN13432 Requirements for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation and ISO 17088 Specification for compostable plastics.

Other products include Impact Modifier HallGreen® IM-8830 as well as a host of other new developmental polymeric products, all 100% biobased with a range of functionalities.

Please contact us for more HallGreen® product information.