Regulatory Understanding and Capability

At Hallstar, we understand the importance of strong regulatory expertise. Up-to-date knowledge in this area is critical to the safety of our products as well as to the compliant operations of our facilities around the world. Our regulatory affairs staff has expertise in industrial regulations to ensure our products comply with the topics most important to our customers. We monitor product regulations and remain active in trade associations to be proactive in the implementation of new requirements. We also maintain a robust product stewardship program so that we develop, manufacture and market products that have been evaluated for all regulatory aspects.

Hallstar also has extensive knowledge in environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) regulations to ensure the continued compliant operation of our facilities globally. We adhere to the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® Guiding Principles and our Environmental Management System drives our EHS&S efforts. Regulatory information is communicated to customers regularly so that they can use our products with confidence.

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