Phthalate Replacements

Hallstar’s innovative Plasthall® PR-Series of plasticizers are on the leading edge of phthalate alternatives on the market. With environmental and toxicity concerns becoming more critical, the desire to remove phthalates from polymer compounds around the globe is rapidly increasing, especially with DOP, BBP and DBP now banned by the European Union.

The PR-Series is a full line of commercially available phthalate alternatives/replacements, for use in all types of polymer applications, especially PVC and synthetic elastomers. These products meet or exceed the performance and economic demands of the marketplace without the environmental concerns. Hallstar has phthalate replacements ranging from typical synthetically based products to those with 100 percent renewable raw material streams and biodegradability. We offer not only a phthalate alternative, but also products that will improve physical properties while eliminating any toxicity concerns.

Phthalate Replacement Solutions: