Renewable Plasticizers/Esters

Hallstar has a long history of providing leading-edge chemistry solutions in all types of polymers, and we are experts in renewable ester chemistry and polymer compatibility.

Our newest product line is HallGreen®, environmentally responsible polymer modifiers for use in PLA, PHA, starch-based and other bio-polymers and hybrids as well as synthetic elastomers and PVC. These esters are USDA-certified as sourced from renewable raw material streams and/or are biodegradable according to ASTM-D6400.

HallGreen® products function as process aids as well as polymer and impact modifiers. They improve processing by reducing melt viscosity/temperature, and energy consumption. As polymer/impact modifiers, they reduce brittleness, improve impact resistance and improve extruder flow rates and throughputs. Select products have FDA and/or REACH acceptances.

There is a wide variety of HallGreen® products, as well as a wide gradient of environmentally sensitive monomerics, polymerics (likely the only 100% renewable and biodegradable polymeric on the market), renewably sourced and biodegradable and synthetically sourced but still biodegradable.

Renewable Plasticizer/Ester Solutions: