New Innovation

Polymeric Esters as Phthalate Replacements in Vinyl Foam Applications

High purity branched acetate esters, specialty solvent for coatings and carrier for actives in pesticide formulations.

Now available directly from the producer – Hallstar. With over a decade of experience as a global supplier and producer for the Exxate™ branded acetate esters, Hallstar will reinvigorate the brand with direct technical support and improved economics of selling direct to the customer base.

Although many believed the Exxate™ products were no longer available, these continue to be used by many multinational coatings companies and agricultural formulators.

As a Coating Solvent:

Exxate™ products are used when surface perfection is a must. With ultra-low moisture absorption and excellent solvent release from the film, Exxate™ acetate esters are designed to reduce blistering and corrosion. These products have tightly defined chain lengths that provide clearly defined evaporation rates for a controlled release, limiting surface imperfections. Additionally, these can be used as polymerization solvents as Exxate™ esters are highly efficient at solvating polymers and allow formulators to use significantly less initiator compared with other standard solvents.

As a Carrier for Actives in Pesticides:

Exxate™ products are excellent solubilizers for active ingredients in pesticide formulations and used in both AgChem and Ornamental applications. They have also been designed to be easily emulsified. The Exxate™ acetate esters are incorporated into pesticide formulations for a range of delivery systems including EC – Emulsifiable Concentrate, SC – Suspension Concentrate, EW – Concentrated Emulsion and ME – Micro-emulsion formulations. With improved solubility of AI’s, these products have allowed formulators to shift from SC to EC formulations as well.

Exxate™ is a registered trademark of ExxonMobil Chemical.

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