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New Polymeric Esters for Low Polarity Elastomers

New polymeric esters from Hallstar have been specifically designed to be highly compatible with low ACN (H)NBR, EPDM, TPV, TPO, PE and PP polymer compounds. The polymeric nature increases modifier permanence without sacrificing low temperature and general mechanical performance.

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polymeric esters

Exxate™ – Timeless Technology, Endless Possibilities

Hallstar’s expertise includes high purity branched acetate esters, specialty solvent for coatings and carrier for actives in agricultural formulations.

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Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) Support Sustainability Goals

Hallstar's Bedford Park (IL) plant solely using RECs sourced from wind generation for its energy needs

Hallstar's Innovation in Polymeric Esters To Be Featured at Fall 2019 Global Symposia

Sr. Chemist Erica Anderson to present our latest research